Noisy Seat

I bought a new S to S GTS Pro seat for my Hurricane Phoenix 140, and it’s very comfortable. However, it’s also very noisy. Even if I secure it with tape to keep it from slipping, it still creaks and groans with every movement. Not a performance issue, but it sure is annoying.

Is this a common problem? Any suggested fixes?


It would be inconvenient to lube the
creaky spots before every trip. I suggest you try to identify whether the creaking is coming from the seat attachment hardware (nuts, screws,etc) or from places the seat is rubbing on the hull. In the latter case, perhaps you can find some relatively slippery plastic film or sheet that you can attach between the seat and the hull.

It may be quite a detective project for you. One way to work on the problem is to spray lubricate just one possible source of creaking at a time, not everything, so that you can identify the exact source of the problem.

Noisy Seat
Thanks. Never thought about the hardware. I’ll experiment and see what happens.