Noisy straps

Put my canoe on roof rack of my Explorer for first time and I could not believe how much noise the hold down straps made. They are vibrating right at the point where they are cinched.

How can I stop this. The noise is maddening at over 30 MPH

you can try twisting the straps
A lot of folks claim that putting a few twists in the straps reduces their tendency to sing. I haven’t really noticed a big difference to tell the truth.

Generally a single twist is enough
It’s always worked for me.

Twisting helps, rope even better
Replacing longer sections of straps with round rope helps a lot too. Twisting the straps for my kayak carriers helps enough though, I only use rope for the front and rear tie-downs these days.

3M 33/700
quality electrical tape tapes tight to itself.

good for fastening ends to rack tubes, instant thwart tiedowns for light bags.

colored tapes are thinner, good for electronics equioment seam sealing as with ports ‘covered’ with plugs and battery lid edges.

Twist them…
It disturbs the leading edge that vibrates.

You know how you can hold a flat hand out the window and fly it up and down?

Now twist all your fingers together and try it again…


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Anyone able to translate Datakoll to English?

Excuse me I I speak jive …
He suggests using 3M electrical tape to shorten the vibrating section of each strap increasing the frequency of harmonic oscillation and thus higher vehicle velocity to induce the standing wave vibrations.

I’d say the whole strap vibrates, not …

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... just the leading edge. If you ever get the chance to look at the strap as it vibrates, this is very clear.

I think twisting just changes the air flow in a way that does not promote flapping (your example of "flying your hand" applies).

In any case, it really works. No doubt about that part.

For what it's worth, a single half-twist is usually all it takes. I've noticed that semi-trailer drivers secure tall loads in this way, usually with just a single one-half twist applied to any portion of a strap that's not tight against the cargo.

thanks seadart
now if i use enough tape to increase the harmonic occillation and thus the frequency to a wavelengh beyond the audible spectrum is the sound i create, that i cannot hear, still a sound?

the short version
I think you may have the synopsized version, but you left out a lot of detail in the translation.

That depends on
your vehicle’s passenger(s) species.

Your ears and brain are just set up to hear certain types of energy transfer. Leave the wolves and whales at home, you should be fine.

See, another advantage to age related hearing loss. What vibration?

My simple solution:
I just turn the music up to eleven.

It is … and dogs can hear it .
The roof rack on my sons old volvo used to drive our Shelty insane at about 50 mph.


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Rocking down the highway; Derek Trucks & Warren Haines swapping leads on slide guitars, stereo set at 11..............

Strap noise?
I don't hear no straps noise!
We don't need no stinkin' strap noise!


P.S. With Vic's solution you probably won't hear the straps, but what the hell; twist the straps 1/2 turn just for grins.

Highway 101, King City , CA
Yeah I was doing this late one night driving up to the Bay area with the windows rolled down to stay awake in my wife’s Sienna with a necky jive and straps wailing and Chuck Berry’s complete works cranked up to 11 when two CHP cars with red and blue lights flagged me to come in for a landing.

They were laughing that they could hear Chuck a mile down the road … fortunately it was just a warning ticket for a headlight.


With wooden cross members held up with Quick n Easy rain gutter clamps straps tie down with a series of half hitches…always leaving some length before the bitter end. That is where my flap flap flap generates.

Wrapping the end down onto the tuba with 3M solves the problem.

Using tape for a leading shock absorber, twisted or flat, occurred to me too after posting. ?! Too much drag, no ?

BTW, tape on cord hold downs running over body work reduces paint loss if paint was waxed. Use tape length wise then fold over around cord to tape again. Dexterity here…

Tape when twisted works as eyeglasses holders.


We put them on a plane.

Well Seadart
You know how it goes:

boat on top + Chuck Berry on the stereo = good karma and no tickets :slight_smile:

I knew it.
You give the answer and wild unproven ideas are sure to follow. Love this place when I need a good laugh.