Nolichcucky River

Would like to get some direction on put in and take out points on the Nolichucky river. Primarily for river fishing > Musky and smallmouth. Nothing more than class 2 as we will be in fishing kayaks. Have floated it before with a guide, but launch points appeared to be private. Also provide any knowledge of car service that could shuttle back to launch point to retrieve vehicle

I’m not really much help, but you might want to check out this website, if nothing else you can scroll on the access map and note some road crossings for other sections that aren’t listed

The only portion of the Noli I am familiar with is the popular whitewater section from Poplar, NC to the Nolichucky Gorge Campground near Erwin, TN.

I would try calling some of the outfits and individuals who now provide shuttle service for that stretch. Some of them might do shuttles for stretches downstream of the campground or advise you on access points.

Try the services listed on these pages:

I do not have any personal experience with any shuttle services. We used to run our own shuttles over the mountains to and from North Carolina, which was a bit of a PITA.