Nomad by Feelfree (good deal?)

I was offered a Nomad by Feelfree Kayak for $250. The kayak is a few years old, but has never ever been used. In fact it has never even touched water once. Is $250 a good deal? I want to her your opinion before I buy it. Thanks, Tom

I think they used to sell them on EBay a few years ago for $199(?) The joke was they would call them FreeFeel…

In general

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You are talking about a very basic boat that will float, and turn or go straight in response to your paddling. This brand is not one of the bigger ones that makes boats for a wide range of skills or conditions like a Wilderness Systems etc. I don't know, but suspect that this outfit sells a lot of their boats to summer camps or similar for rental purposes on calm water - basically a situation where someone can't get into a lot of trouble. So I wouldn't count on this to take bashing in class 2 whitewater, but in quiet lake etc it'd likely do.

For $250 anything that floats can be fun. (tho' maybe you want to take a shot at offering $200) But that's about as far as can be said right now, because the specifics of how you'll want to use a boat once you have some skills are pretty unknown right now. If you end up wanting to go for performance, you'll need a different boat. But many people (ourselves included) started in a Swifty.