non-mapping GPS question

-- Last Updated: Jun-27-08 11:10 AM EST --

Looking for my first GPS to use in ocean racing. Looks like most races give bearing/distance waypoints.

Would like bearing, distance to next waypoint, speed and distance off-course.

With my above requirements, it looks like the Garmin 72 has everything but distance off-course, something the Garmin 76 does have. Am I missing something or do the cheaper models not have distance off-course information?

Also, I'm not exactly sure what it is called so I am having trouble searching for models with it, but how far up the price point would I have to go to get a GPS that tracks speed to waypoint and current speed?

Thinking about wind/current issues and the best route might not obviously be a straight line. Having that information right there in front of me would be a nice bonus.


I would think many would do what you are after. I have a Garmin ForeTrex 101, and that would do it.

Any low end model will do that for you.