Non-Profit dealer pricing?

Good Day,

I was wondering what the best way school and/or camp programs should get their canoes.

Would manufacturers allow them “dealer” status even if they are not re-selling? Is there a “pro-deal” for non-profits? Are certain manufacturers more willing than others?

I am just researching for my own interest, as I hope to start such a program someday. I was contacted by a colleague who is looking to buy canoes immediately, and I had no answers.

If it matters, moving-water tandem tripping canoes are required, probably in Poly, Maybe royalex.


Call the companies
Some of them are bound to have special pricing for non-profit organizations. Barring that, talk with a dealer and negotiate a discount for multiple boats. It shouldn’t be hard to do either way.

Here are a few

– Last Updated: Nov-20-06 4:04 PM EST –

Nova Craft has a non profit program that requests the dealer to sell at msrp less 25%.
Wenonah expects their dealers to sell at 25 % below MSRP to non profit.
Bell sells (don't know whether the new owner will honor that) at 30% below MSRP factory direct to non profit if you don't have a dealer in your area.
With all of the above companies you don't have any colour choices and you'll have to put up with cosmetic blems. All want a minimum order of 6 canoes at a time.
I'm sure, most other companies have a similar program-they don't want that too public, though.
What you also might be able to negotiate with local dealers or direct selling companies:
first pick on sales-you get a list of those before it goes public and can choose what you want from the sales list at that price (or even a bit less if volume is high enough...)

area rep
your manufacturer’s rep in the area will be in charge of sorting out the deals. The manufacturer will probably have a policy but it’s generally the rep that makes the call. Most dealers will need something above wholesale to cover the (obvious) costs of doing business. remember he’s the guy suppling the paddling community their goods and he’s got ALL kinds of expences. rent, utilities, employees, advertising, etc.

steve (dealer for near 20 years)

every newly hooked
paddler is a new customer-if you know how to keep him…

that’s (besides exposure) what the manufacturer has in mind.

With the mentioned companies, the rep has nothing to do we the deal. The dealer initiates.

And the pricing still leaves a margin (depending on your volume and time of order)for the dealer. If planned and timed right, the dealer has not much work with this deal and wouldn’t even have to invest his own money-I used to take up front $$ on these orders and never had any customer complain about it.

On delivery day, I called them up and they unpacked their boats themselves.

Sure, you need to pay rent and so on. But you might be able to get a donation receipt in return for the rebate. And those guys need more equipment than just the bare boat (usually)-a clever salesman can foster that into a package deal…