Non Resident Requirements?

Do some states really require you to register your kayak when you are just visiting for a day or two? After reading the Ohio question I was looking online at the states we plan on paddling in this summer and most said something like “as long as registered per the requirements of the state where the ownner resides.” Alabama doesn’t require registering kayaks, does that mean we are OK? We are planning on camping our way to Iowa this summer and doing some paddling. Likely in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky and maybe Tennessee. Are we ok?

off the top of my head , Minnesota.

Might also have to register in Illinois.
If you are quick and sneaky, and stay away from bodies of water where state rangers are likely to hang around, you can probably paddle in those states anyway. I ran two rivers in Illinois without even being aware of the registration issue. Minnesota is trickier, but because they have so many lakes, and a lot of rivers, they can’t afford to patrol them all.

Is the magic the number?
Looking at the ILL DNR site, it says that you are exempt if: “Already covered by a number in full force and effect from another state, if such boat will not be within this State for a period in excess of 60 consecutive days”

Is the problem that Alabama does not issue a number to a kayak?

Register it in Alabama

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I registered mine as a sail boat, because according to the Alabama Marine Police, once you attach a sail to the hull, even with a strap base it becomes legally a sailboat....explain that you intend to use a sail, and the Licence tag office will issue a number and a yearly sticker for approximately 14 dollars (Sail boat under 16 feet)....apply the numbers before you leave, then use a hair dryer to loosen them for removal when you return...problem solved.....

(I'm working in Huntsville, living in Arab, 9 miles from Guntersville lake).

Why is it Alabama’s problem? Illinois
should not enter into bizarre reciprocal relationships with other states. Registering human-powered craft by-the-boat is a tremendously stupid and unfair practice. That Alabama, Georgia, and many other states have refused to be involved in this discrimatory nonsense is to their credit.

Are fishermen licensed by the rod? Are hunters licensed by the gun? I would not mind paying a small visitor boating fee if I paddle in a neighboring state, but being charged the full amount as if I owned a boat in their state is neither fair to me, nor consistent with fostering tourism.