Non resident wanting to kayak Mill Pond in Westport & ? about paddling the Saugatuck

A 2 part ?
Paddled the Saugatuck yesterday sort of at low tide. No problem paddling towards Westport but paddling back to launch set I was going against the tide. At what point during high tide is best to launch out to the Sound.
After that I visited Mill Pond. Lovely spot but am a New York resident and there were signs to display beach permit, Any non Ct. residents have one of these

Well its always best to paddle with the Tide. Ebb tide-tide going out. Flood tide - tide coming in. I paddle the Saugatuck all the time I try to time my paddles so that I return on a flood tide and not fighting against. Coming up the Saugatuck on the Ebb can be a workout after a long day on the sound.

Sherwood Island mill pond is a great place to paddle. If you park on the Hillspoint Rd Launch I was not aware a beach sticker was needed, however will check for you. Obtaining a Westport beach sticker is prohibitively expensive for a out of town person. Its best just to use the state launch ramp on Elaine Road for access to the Sound and Norwalk Islands.

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Thanks John.