non-skid surface for aged pooch....

…a friend of mine would like to install some sort of non-slip material in the aft end of his canoe (it’s Royalex…a Raven Adventurer 15) for his unsurefooted pooch & is wondering what would work & how best to adhere it?

Thanks to all & happy paddling

Outdoor carpeting will work fine
Cut a piece of outdoor carpeting that has a rubber

bottom so that it will fit into the area to cover.

You can remove it for cleaning, and it will provide

some insulation and better comfort than a hard surface.

non skid pad
I made a pad for my dog made of an inner layer of the blue foam from an el cheopo sleeping pad, with outer layers on both sides made from non-slip rubber. The non-slip rubber I used was from rolls that are used to line tool box drawers. I made the 3 layer sandwich by using contact cement to join the layers. This provides cushion and won’t slip around. I cut it to be a roughly triangle-ish shape. In my case I have my dog in the bow in front of the thwart. When she lays down (which isn’t often!), it also keeps her out of any bilge water. This is a removeable mat that I use when she accompanies me - I didn’t permanently affix anything.

Good luck! Canoeing with a dog is a real joy!


A permanent solution
3-M Safety Tread, sold at boating stores. It is a silicone rubber, adhesive-backed grippy sheet made for bare feet. Think of the daiseys folks stick in their bathtubs on steroids.

Comes in 1" and 3" strips and rectangular pieces for stairs. Does not offer any appreciable padding, but is light and durable.


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$.01...the carpeting idea sounds good, and I might put some of the thin foam(~3/8")"Skinz" or something a little firmer underneath for some firm cushioning. Yoga mat sounds good as well.

try this one

You can get it on eBay.

Cheap bathroom rug
We use a cheap rubber-backed bathroom throw rug.