non slip material

Need a non slip, very little weight whatever to glue on part of the inside bottom of my royalex canoe so when wearing boots (Chotas) in colder weather I don’t slip and slide when getting in/out of the canoe (where a bit of water has found its way into the canoe from paddle, the mist from hurrican wind sized waves, etc. -ha!). It shouldn’t cause a moisture build up when the canoe is stored as I do outside. Any help? Thanks.

west marine
Sells some sort of non-slip tape, made by 3M. also lists various options - search for antislip tape

Traction Strips
I use traction strips that I think are made by 3M. The indoor “bathroom type” strips are fine, but the adhesive sometimes doesn’t hold them in perfectly, but I haven’t had any come completely loose yet. The outdoor style strips are much more abrasive and they really get glued in tightly.

I have no trouble at all with Chota boots slipping on Royalex, but I do make it a point to keep my weight over my feet when getting in and out. What I use the traction strips for is to keep my foam kneeling pad from sliding, but they should work fine for giving your boots a grip.

Self adhesive stair tread strips.
Basically sandpaper with strong adhesive on the back. Keeps feet from slipping when sitting and pushing off a little with the feet, also. I don’t recall the brand I used.