noob with questions on paddles...

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Hello! i just bough a perception rhythm kayak and im struggling to find a paddle. im looking for sub $100, my kayak is 28.5 inches wide, and im 5'9 with an average size torso. mostly paddle rivers right now. any suggestions?

thank you so much for all of your help in advance!

here’s one

some sizing guides might recommend a 230cm for a rec kayak but go with a 220cm, you’ll like it better in the long run.

Harmony makes a couple paddles for under $100 (e.g. Sea Passage) that look to be pretty decent for the price.

Don’t skimp on the paddle …
The paddle is the tool that makes paddling fun, so don’t buy a cheap heavy paddle.

Look at Aquabound paddles at REI … or better yet look for a better quality used paddle at your local paddle shop. I bought a four piece Werner paddle used for about what you want to spend … so look around.

Best option would be to buy an Onno Paddle custom made … best value out there, but more than #100

I agree with the above. If you are in a Rgythm 11 a 220cm will work just fine. I bought a bending branches straight shaft 220cm for mine; it works great.