Noobie seeking help

Family of 4 looking for two kayaks. One tandem and one single.

Me - 6’2", 195 lbs

Wife - 5’6", 140 lbs

Kiddos - 1=3 years & 1=6 months

We are just going to be kayaking in slow water rivers and lakes, NO whitewater! Need something smooth and tracks well. Would prefer not to get a sit on top. What boats should we be looking at?

Going to buy one boat now, and get the other when the boys get bigger. Probably the tandem first.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Old Town Loon 160T
is stable enough that you won’t have to worry about the kids leaning over the sides to look/play/help paddle. it is pretty heavy at almost 80 lbs. It can also be paddled solo, but you need to trim it well, by sliding the seat.

Make sure you get a paddle for the kids, they will want to “help”, and it keeps them from getting bored.

6 mo old TOO YOUNG!
Keep the baby on shore till you are experienced and s/he is older!

I agree
6 mos and a 3 year old is just too much if something happens.

I’m about as reckless as they get with my life but I would not take my Granddaughter out in a kayak until she is at least 3 and I would be inches away from her all of the time…

Please reconsider your decision. Even if you were a good paddler (and there are many here) you have to be ready for the unexpected. Supposed you end up in the water…what would you do.

sorry, to clarify
Sorry guys/gals… I AM NOT taking the 6 month old or 3 year old out with us yet!!! Just trying to give you an idea of what age my kids are currently so you can select a boat to grow into.

The 3 year old has a pfd and has been swimming since 6 months (Waterbabies) but no way is he going out past where I can touch with me just a few inches away.

Thank you for your concern, thankfully I’m not that foolish!!

So happy to hear that!
I’ve seen some really dumb things involving children. Including people who think that rear or front hatches are designed to carry their children!

Have fun, and I’ll bet your 3 yo is paddling with you in no time!