NorCal / SFBay / Oakland

Hey all looking for local paddlers, wondering if anyone’s used the OruKayak and their thoughts.

And lastly, I need a place to do some repair work. Fiberglassing. And that means curing time / place. Any advice would be great, better yet if you have an upcoming project we can pool resources and buy resin / glass in bulk. Thanks, Eric

Haven’t used an Oru, but have seen them. California Canoe and Kayak carries them, so you can check out, and perhaps borrow a demo from them.

CCK also does boat repair. As does Sunrise Mountain Sports in Livermore. Or ask at your local marina or sail boat shop - they often need repairs, so often have names of repair people.

If you join Bay Area Sea Kayakers (, you’ll fin a lot of hands on people, so perhaps could find someone to go in with you on the fiberglass and such.