Nord lv & skerray rmx turning abilities

Never paddled skerray rmx & wondering if turning

is similar to nordkapp lv. I’ve heard some people

say its a plastic pintail. Any info on skerray

rmx (speed, edging/turning, appetite for rough water) appreciated.

Don’t know if it’s a plastic pintail, but I’ve paddle one a bit. It’s a very fast turning boat. I’ve had it out in light chop up to two feet. I was able to catch wind waves just fine. I’ve found the skeg a nice feature to have on this boat. It seems plenty fast, similar to the Avocet, but not as fast as my Siskiwit Bay.

It’s a really nice plastic boat, and if you can get one for a good deal, snag it. I wouldn’t complain about owning one.

Skerry is a Pintail HV

Best Wishes


Turns like a pintail ?
Has the same turning abilities as pintail?

Sounds like a fun boat.

I love the Skerray RMX!
It definitely turns as well as the Nordkapp LV but being a big Pintail, it doesn’t track nearly as well without the skeg. I owned a Skerray RMX for a year and even though it was huge on me (I’m 5’8", 145 lbs), I still miss that boat. It’s speed is respectable and I comfortably could hold 4.5 to 5 mph for extended trips. It definitely needs the skeg although just the smallest amount of dropped skeg instantly makes the boat track very well. Of course that’s on flat water. On rough water, no skeg was needed and the Skerray really came into its own. It is exceptionally stable and well mannered in big conditions and its maneuverability really comes in handy when you’re getting pushed around by big wind and waves. It’s a great rolling boat as well.

Turns like/is a H.V. Pintail?
Having a Pintail and having paddled a Skerray I don’t see ANY relation between the two, way different animals. Pintail will turn circles around the Skerray, and I certainly see no Pintail influence in a Skerray. My feet (10.5/43)actually have more room in my Pintail than the Skerray.