Nordic Blue drygloves

Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

I’m going to buy me’self a pair of Nordic Blues, but after looking up their web-site, I see that it’ll cost me over $18 in postage to have them shipped from Norway. Are there any sources of these gloves in the USA that anyone of you may know about? Thanks in advance.

Fat Elmo

Nordic Blue source:

get atlas 495 s from a good mariners
supply house and some cuffs (pick your wrist size) from os systems. YOu can make two pair one for thick liners and one for thin, for the price of buying one pair.

Got mine from Scuba Center
and not nearly as much as buying direct from Norway.

Source for the 495 Atlas gloves

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Here is a source for the 495 gloves talked about. If one is willing to aquaseal in a latex cuff, one has a great supply of gloves. These are great.

and a funky alternative of long sleeve gloves for those who don't want a wrist seal.

By the way,
if you get the Nordic Blues, I recommend getting the ones with removable liners. I got that kind because so many people on PNet talked about cutting the liners out. I like the liners okay, but sometimes I use a slightly thicker fleece glove inside instead.

Better yet, get Atlas 460’s
They’re less expensive, a bit thinner and considerably more flexible than the 495’s, providing a better feel of the paddle. The orange color makes you look less like a smurf, too. :wink: