Nordic Blue gloves

Dear Folks:

Who sell Nordic Blue gloves for cold water kayak paddling? I went to the Nordic-Blue website only to find it “delisted.” Thanks in advance to all who respond.


Well if you are a MD-LG or XL you can
try here.

If you can’t find 'em, you can make 'em
I have a pair of Nordic Blues, but I also made a pair of dry gloves that I like better. The gloves that Nordic Blue uses are made by Atlas and their products are available at marine suppliers and commercial fishing suppliers. I made mine using their orange gloves, which are more supple and more comfortable for paddling than the blue gloves. All you do is cut the cuffs to a reasonable length and glue on a pair of wrist seals. The gloves themselves are ~$20/pair and seals will run another $30 or so.

BTW, the stock liners that come with Atlas/Nordic Blue gloves are junk. I use wool liners in mine and they’re much better.

If You Wear Mediums…
I’ve got some I’ll sell you. Like new.