Nordic blue liner removal

Just got my Nordic Blue gloves and based on prior posts here, agree that I want to remove that cheap yellow liner.

What is the safest method to cut these out without risking damage to the glove?

Nice Sharp Scissors…
with care will take it down to seam. I actually had to surgically remove mine with a knife on the water. The liner got some tangled up and I couldn’t get my hands back in. This was in middle of winter. When I got home, I trimmed the rest with the scissors.

Yes. Do it now. Don’t wait til it becomes a mess on the water.


just cut it out
turn it partially inside out, pooch out the liner a bit, snip it, work down to the cuff, trim it off just above where it is sewn on. don’t mess with that part.


I just snipped the stitching.
It’s tedious, but it works.