Nordkapp Classic-Heritage??

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Does anyone know anything about this boat?

It is listed on Valleys website as; LENGTH 17'2" (523cm) WIDTH 21" (53cm) DEPTH 12" (30cm) WEIGHT* 49lbs (22.53kg)

The Nordkapp LV is listed as; LENGTH 17'6" (533cm) WIDTH 21" (53cm) DEPTH 13" (33cm) WEIGHT* 49lbs (22.5kg)

This "classic" boat has an ocean cockpit, & according to the website it is slightly shorter & lower volume than the LV(?)

At first I thought, maybe they renamed the Pintail as the dimensions are the same, but it's there also.
Perhaps it's just some kind of overlooked error.
Or could it be?? I cannot recall ever seeing a 17'2" Nordkapp model.

If it does exist, it would be really great if it shared the same characteristics as the LV, but with an ocean cockpit - a real dream come true for some.

Check the ideal loads…
Ideal load for the Classic is 40lbs. more than the LV. You can’t really rely on one depth measurement to reflect the volume. The Nordy’s hull and deck has been tweaked over the years.

I’ll get the website changed
Length should read the same as the full size Nordkapp. Classic is just the generic term we give to the old HS and HM versions of the Nordkapp i.e the pre-jubilee versions.

pre-jubilee versions

It might be helpful/informative to note on the website that the hull of the ‘classic’ is different than the ‘contemporary’ Nordkapp.

As it now reads it could be inferred that the only differences are the ocean cockpit, the round forward hatch, and the availability of the integrated skeg (HM).

Those far more experienced than me have noted that the pre-jubilee 'kapps feel quite different in the water.

jubilee ?
Is the Jubilee the same hull as we in the colonies called the H2O?

Jubilee is same hull as H2O
My understanding is that the H2O was/is simply the Jubilee with 2 oval hatches - “Hatches 2 Oval”

H2O has about 1 inch less rocker in the stern than the Jubilee. The Jubilee has aprox 2 inches in the stern section.

I thought that Peter would chime in here on the differances…(Robin would be the best) but here goes

The older Nordkapp has the least rocker, then the H2O, and then the Jubilee.

When the Jubilee was designed, It started with adding about 2 inches of rocker to just the stern section of the original. Then some materal was added just behind the seat area, to help with handling and with stability. The nose was also changed slightly.

The H2O had the nose changed slightly too (a little less bulbus than the Jubilee, but not quite as sleek as the original)

I paddle a 3 piece Jubilee HM and my wife paddles my old HM (Classic) only hers has the slalom cockpit (HMC)

and of course the H2O has the “hatches two oval” configureation

Best Wishes


2002 skeged model
So a 2002 pre h20 skeged model should be a model

with the most rocker.

The information above is correct.

Jubilee has the Keyhole cockpit and a round front hatch and has a little more rocker in the stern, this was then replaced with the Jubilee H2O which has the Keyhole cockpit plus Oval front hatch and as someone rightly noted has reduced rocker in the stern.

Todays standard Nordkapp is the same as the H2O version. The round front hatch Jubilee version is no longer available and the Classic’s are the old HS and HM models which are the “original” Nordkapp versions of 20 plus years ago

My “first” real sea kayak was an HM
Getting used to it after paddling a 15’ x 24" wide plastic boat was, shall we say, “interesting”. Still, once I got used to it, it was as comfortable as a couch in rough water. If I were to get another Nordkapp, it would be an HS instead, as the HM tracks like a freight train and can be difficult to handle in some conditions. Also, if you have long legs, getting in and out of the Nordkapp’s ocean cockpit can be challenging, due to the relatively high aft deck (your shins will hit the front of the coaming rim). On boats like the Pintail and Anas Acuta, entering and exiting the ocean cockpit is easy, as the aft decks are quite low.

Peter, have you considered modernizing the deck for the classic Nordkapps, perhaps with a recess behind the coaming and larger hatches?