Nordkapp H2O v Jubilee

Requesting any first hand knowledge of appreciable differences between the new and older Nordy. Specifics please.

One difference is…
…that they H20 has large hatches front and rear. The Jubilee has a small front hatch.

Jubilee - H2O

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This page from Atlantic Kayak Tours may help:

I think the substantial modifications were with the Jubilee - keel, bow and stern changes.

In performance, the new Nordkapp has slightly higher initial stability and paddles better without a full load.

have read both
Atlantic’s page and recent Sea Kayak review. I was hoping to gain from another’s first hand experience with both Jubilee and newer H2O. The closest shop (Kayanu in Sydney or Brisbane Australia) carrying VCP is about 600 to 1400 US miles away. There is one red Nordkapp Jubilee on the water here in Melbourne. All this water and so few sea kayak dealers. Thank goodness for P-Net!

Any other paddling impressions between the two?

Previous owners
I’ve spoken to a few owners of old Nordkapps who have test paddled the H2O. Most prefer it. One I’ve spoken to did not.

The old Nordkapp had a reputation for being difficult to paddle until heavily loaded. Indeed I’ve spoken to two paddlers who owned Nordkapps both who noted that even after years of paddling the boat, they would load 50lbs of ballast whenever paddling otherwise unladen. Both of these had, after years, gotten rid of their Nordkapps because of the hassle. Both liked the H2O enough to consider buying one.

Tom Bergh had written me about the old Nordkapp ‘few could or should paddle it properly.’ This year he brought an H2O to GOMSKS for people to demo.

Personally, I found the H2O very sexy, but then again what Nordkapp isn’t? Though lower decked than earlier Nordkapps, the decks felt a bit high to me - they are higher than my Aquanaut.

thanks for the research
I will e-mail you with further questions and comments.