Warren WIlliamson

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Okay, okay, maybe it has been on youtube for a while, but this video is my favorite kayak clip of all time. It really rocks, even if that DA (to use gray's term) needs to be clipped forthright. I have it in my Favs, as a matter of fact. Like Michael Jordan swishing and dunking, WW can dance in that VCP AA.

But the question is, could you... not would you, but could you... do this in a Valley NOrdakpp LV? I think, based on my RM, that one could do this in the Avocet. But the NOrdkapp LV? How playful exactly, is this boat.

By the way, forget the pirouette; that may seem unusual to Roger and Nancy. But when Warren enters a tidal washtub, and sculls very deeply on the left, and then gets upright and does a quick right scull to prevent a "windowshade", as B1 says, it sends tingles up my spine. The music ain't half bad either.

OT: And I thought my OC was tight!

To quote Karen Knlght…
after paddling mine…

“This ain’t your grandmother’s Nordkapp”

She said her first kayak was a Nord HM.

"This ain’t your grandmother’s Nordkapp"
yeah… that about says it :wink:

From Newfoundland

absolutely you could.
The LV is more manueverable than an Avocet in my opinion and is pretty close to Anas Acuta and Pintail territory. Also Warren is effectively using eddylines and holes to spin his boat which are techniques not exclusive to AAs.

More maneuverable than Avocet…

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The Nordlow feels easier to throw around (more maneuverable) than an Avocet to me as well.

As far as CoolDoctor's question - could I do what is shown in the video in my Nordkapp LV... I don't think my skills are solid enough yet to do that in any boat ;-)

However, for someone who has the skills, a Nordlow would likely be an appropriate boat for such play.

GL thought the LV “needs to be reentered with care. It’s fairly tippy and I re-flipped twice after clambering on the rear deck.”

-Sea Kayaker, June 2006, p.15

If anyone wants to trade me…
Me: Nordkapp HM carbon Kevlar 44 lbs with built-in pump and compass, light green on light green, ocean cockpit.

You: Impex Outer Island (or something like it).

Let me know.


We both tried our friend Grayhawk’s LV. Of course Sally did just fine -she’s never fallen off our 21" Isthmus, either, and paddles instinctively as Rick does -loosely, so maybe that’s the trick… AT any rate, we took it out for a run in Rick’s back yard off the beach in calm waters, and I did just fine in it, tilting it and paddling it around some mangrove islets. But those are the same ones in almost the same conditions I did about 3 miles on, on the Isthmus, before I bought I N0. 2 off Rick. Subsequently, I’ve fallen off the I every time I’ve taken it out. So I figure maybe the LV will be the same despite my comfort in it -and I’m a little taller and about 15# heavier than Rick with substantially larger (I didn’t say fatter) thighs.

SO last week we take my sister & Bro-in-law, down from Iowa, down to the Keys for a little day trip. Along the way we meet up with Rick at Florida Bay Outfitters and I demo an Aquanaut. Very nice. Very smooth. Nice fit, pretty comfortable even with only footbraces and not backband adjusted; even better when I fixed it. Was steady axially, so after coming from your Cuda may feel better than solid, good (to me) primary, pretty solid secondary as you pitch the seam to the water. Took a bit to turn, but an outside lean brings it around pretty good for even a usually skirtless paddler like me. Tracked so well I forgot about using the skeg until after I was on my way back to the beach -and it steadied up on track even more. It rode 3 2-3’ steep boat wakes well on beam and on point.

Best of all, I can put it on my shoulder and on the car pretty damn easy.

Need to get to retry a Currituck, maybe a Cetus, if available at another shop up in Broward this week.

We’ll see…

One more thing -Rick’s very high on the Aquanaut; given a side-by-side last year, may have selected it over the LV, but will keep his beloved toy…

…for now, LOL!


Can’t trade, but
I have a 2005 Impex OI standard layup, yellow over white with blue trim, keyhole cockpit, that I"ll sell you for $1500. Needs a bit of gelcoat work at the keel, but nothing special. Better than very good deal, but I have too many kayaks and am probably moving from NC to NYC. We have home in Durham, NC, and in Asheville, NC. Could arrange p/u in either place.

BTW, the description of the NordLV sounds a lot like the Black Pearl–very litte between the paddler and the water. Like a Porsche, you can put it anywhere you want it, but you have to be fully present or you’ll be off the road.

Have both Nordlow and Aquanaut

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Very different boats. I like them both. The Aquanaut is alot more forgiving than the 'kapp LV. When I decided to get an Aquanaut back in 2003 the Nordkapp LV would have made me very uneasy.

I used my Aquanaut as my main boat for a few years. This past July was the fourth summer I brought it to Friendship to be my boat for paddling every day from short hops to long hauls. I have happily used the 'naut for Leave No Trace Camping, exploring the Muscle Ridge Archipelago and for paddling out to Eastern Egg Rock. Last year it was also my 'do everything' boat for 4 days of the Downeast Symposium.

This past September, I brought both my Romany and Aquanaut to Downeast. Next summer, I plan on bringing both my Nordkapp LV and Aquanaut to Friendship Maine.

I am greatly enjoying my Nordlow. However, if I could only have one sea kayak, it quite likely would be the Aquanaut.

My mini van will smoke yours!

Nordkapp standard in Florida

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is that not a jubilee?
and what’s under his deck lines? looks like diamond plate for kayaks!

Same boat in Pnet classifieds.
Still not sure what a Jubilee is but it has the 2 oval hatches. No bids on it the first listing.

Might be interested if I were doing longer trips but the LV has been great for weekends.

As you know - I had a Black Pearl and have spent time in both that and the Nordy LV. However, hands down I would take the Pearl in conditions, as the fit on the Nordy was loose-as-a-goose and I had trouble locking in and yet still being able to change leg positions. The BP - which was still a bit loose (added 1.5" foam) allowed me to move my legs around and remain locked in. (but then, I like TIGHT boats…) Due to this reason I just felt more comfortable in it than the LV in bumps. (IMHO)


Jubilee = H2O = Standard

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According to Peter Orton all three hulls are nearly the same.

The most recent hull modification was the Jubilee. When the forward hatch was changed from round to oval the "H2O" (hatches two oval) designation was added. As I recall, Peter said the H2O designation was used only on this side of the pond. The most current design full size Nordkapp is what was referred to as H2O or Jubilee. As this is now the standard, it is referred to simply as "Standard." This differentiates it from the old/original version of the Nordkapp which is still available as "Classic."

Jubilee - Jubilee H2O - differences
Current Nordkapp Standard – Nordkapp Jubilee – Nordkapp Jubilee H20

Just to clarify the exact similarities/differences between these three.

The current Nordkapp and the Jubilee H20 are to all intense and purposes the same.

There were small but noticeable changes between the Jubilee and the Jubilee H2O models, most obvious was addition of the oval front hatch on the H2O (hatches, 2, Oval). The nose is also narrower in plan on the H2O (a cosmetic change). Hull wise the H2O had the stern hardened slightly i.e. there is slightly less rocker in the very last part of the tail, we’re talking bout 20mm (3/4”) so not a great deal but it does reduce the amount of skeg the boat needs when the wind picks up

Question for Peter please.

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1) In your opinion, with regards to flat out speed specifically, how does the the standard Avocet compare with the Nordkapp LV? Is there a real and noticeble difference, all other things being equal (paddler engine, conditions), including flatwater.

2) Is there any disadvantage to a sectional kayak, other than weight and price? e.g. location of skeg or skeg cable issues, bulkhead placement, footpeg placement issues, et cetera.

3) I do not understand the Valley Aquanaut purpose: it seems to lie between the Nordkapp and the Avocet for size, and rocker, et getera. Is it a one-boat-does-all, or a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none situation? If the Nordkapp is expedition worthy, and the Avocet an ocean playboat, is there a specific purpose to the Aquanaut? (In no way being disparaging to the Aquanaut, which seems to be a very fine vessel and I am considering it).

Thank you.

Nordkapp LV vs. Avocet
After a recent demo of the Avocet and the Nordkapp LV - Avocet was a great boat, but I love the feel of the Nordkapp LV. I am tall enough for the Nordlow but I am much lighter than the recommended weight. Are there any 140lbers out there that are paddling the Nordlow and don’t feel like you are too light? I am also considering the c/k layup which will make the boat lighter. Any thoughts? Thanks!