Nordkapp LV out yet?

Are there any LV’s in paddlers hands yet apart from US spring shows?

First hand impressions with distances and conditions paddled?

calling fadedred…
I believe Roy owns a Nordkapp LV…


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own a jubilee

Best Wishes

but have been drooling , need to paddle a LV yet....but also still love my Jub for extended trips

Saw one for the first time at Canoeacopia

I'm glad they finally made one, better late than never. Way to go Peter & Jason

not sure who bought the ones they had at Canoeacopia, but they all sold

Paddled one
last Sept. at the WCSKS. It is definately on my short list of next kayak.

I stand corrected…
A friend of mine had first dibs on the LV since he planted himself in one starting early on Friday but he had to “think about” and thought too long as they quickly sold before his eyes. I’m pretty sure he’s kicking himself as he probably will end up having to custom order one and wait an eternity for it to show up.

LV comparisons?
Can anyone give me an accurate comparison of the Nordkapp LV to the Avocet and Aquanaut?

I don’t know about accurate but I paddled all three at WCSKS. I personally am not interested in the LV. It impressed me as having a very low secondary stability so I didn’t feel nearly as comfortable on edge as in the Avocet. Maybe that means I lack finesse but I like a boat where you can edge enough to turn effectively and still feel like you have a ways to go before getting past the stability. Just felt soft to me. The Aquanaut (empty) felt large and a bit corky - like I was too high in the water (I’m 165 lbs). I really loved the Avocet but it is rather like my Tempest-165. I wanted to see what was out there for a larger volume and maybe faster boat to complement the T-165. Didn’t find it.

There - all opinions so they are by definition accurate (assuming I’m not lying). Hope this helps give you the info you want. You really just have to try them.