Nordkapp PE

Anyone tried this one ?

The new Valley-Nordkapp-enthusiast.

A triple layer plastic boat.

Right now, I own a P&H Capella 160 RM, but I find it to slow.

Freek (Netherlands Europe)

No one ?

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I realy like a comparisation review between the plastic and the glas Nordkapp.

I 've tested the new plastic one, but never tried the older types.

The plastic Nordkapp is faster then my plastic Capella.
I've tried to paddle 4 knots/h (GPS)and count the strokes/min.
The Capella 160 RM needed 45 strokes/min and the Nordkapp 34 strokes/min.
Quite a difference, but I didn't had the change to do the same test in a Nordkapp jubilee or LV

I can’t believe noone has posted
either. Having heard so much about the Nordkapp I am amazed that a bunch of people haven’t jumped in and given their opinions.


Not yet in NA…
Last I heard no poly Nordkaps had made it to this side of the Atlantic. Maybe the July Valley containers brought some?

Nordkapp PE

Nordkapp PE has 10% more weight compared with Jubilee … and all other qualities are the same.

If you like Nordkapp in GRP you’ll love it it in PE.

I’ve got one!!!



glad someone chimmed in
i’m too old for the PE and have a diolene Jubilee…yep it is fast but not as fast as a QCC but obviously the intended purposes are different, or are they?

what am I missing here?
The Nordkapp classic has a 12 inch depth. The Nordkapp Poly has 14. That is huge in terms of volume? How could it be said that this is a lower volume version?

I don’t get it. Is this fuzzy math?


would be nice to see a list of all
depths of the entire Nordkapp line, from the original to the latest incarnations…and better yet depths fore and aft of the cockpit.

They should come out with

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a poly Anas! Ocean cockpit.

make mine black


ok you can wake up now...

sign me up for one too!
not a bad idea at all! especially for people learning how to deal with the surf zone…

i just e-mail Valley asking for a black polly Anas Acuta…told them i want to be the first to order :slight_smile:

wonder how hard it would be
to make a hard chined anas in poly?


I e-mailed them too…
Now if we could just get another thousand or so to e-mail…


we should apologize for stealing this
thread,so i am going to start a new thread on the matter.

The Nordkapp RM’s dimensions are as follows:

Length: 17’ 9” Width 21” Depth 13”

We’ll get the website updated ASAP to prevent confusion. The story behind this change of dimensions is the massive success of the LV. When we started the RM project the intension was for it to be a RM version of the full size version (what used to be called the Jubilee H2O), we had only recently introduced the LV and although we believed it would be well received we could not have anticipated the demand we soon started to see. Fortunately we were still in a position to change our plans for the RM version. Therefore dimensionally (and in terms of feel on the water) the RM is closest to the LV, although we did hedge our bets a little by going for the extra 3” in length.

Hope this helps to clear things up

Thanks Orton.
That does help to clear things up.

Any plans for an Anas?



Could be a Rapier
We recently launched a high performance surf kayak in RM construction and although we have no firm plans for the next project a RM Rapier is one of the suggestions!

As of last month, the new poly Valley boats did not seem to have made it to North America. Have they arrived?

The last two containers have contained the new RM Nordkapp

The Nordkaap LV is on top of a very short list right now for me but I love my Silhouette so much that I didn’t know how I could justify two glass boats that do relatively the same things.

If in fact the poly Nordkaap feels and paddles like the LV, then I could justify it saying I need another plastic boat in my fleet since I got rid of my Skerray RMX. I’d definitely be interested in the plastic surf kayak as well since the Riot Boogie seems to be the only other one out there as well.