Nordkapp question

What is the difference between a Nordkapp HM and HMC? A buddy of mine just picked up an older Nordkapp (skeg) with a chimp pump (could that be what the “C” stands for?) He doesn’t know much more about it than that it is a Nordkapp and trying to buy a skirt for it has presented some problems. Can you use the serial number? Any other defining characteristics?

Also - any ideas on getting rid of the chimp pump? Not sure he’s too thrilled about that thing…

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.


tsunamichuck has an HMC

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I believe tsunamichuck has an HMC.

I am not certain the difference between an HM and an HMC. From looking at sprayskirt fit lists, they have different cockpits.

The two most common designations for pre-Jubilee Nordkapps seems to have been HS (hull standard) and HM (hull modified). The HM has the extended keel, aka fixed skeg.

You may wish to check out:

Nordkapp link
This web page offers some more insight into the Nordkapp.


The C meant
it could accept or was rigged with a Valley C trim rudder. I have a 3 piece Jubilee. Snap Dragon makes a skirt for ocean cockpit boats like the Kapp.

not so
the “C” stands for slalom cockpit…it’s a little larger than the ocean and before the keyhole cockpit was offered.

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Prolly the best thing to do is order a custom skirt. I have done this from Seals for my Sparrow Hawk and I believe Snapdragon will make custom skirts as well. It only costs about 10% more to get special order skirt vs. a stock skirt. You do a tracing of the coaming and send it to the factory and then have a local dealer place the order for you. There are instructions on Seals web site for how to do the tracing and how to locate the backband.



need to …I’ll look at the size tomorrow of the one my wife uses…it’s a stock snap dragon skirt…right off the rack

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Looked…My wife uses the stock Snap Dragon Medium deck sprayskirt on her HMC

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Chimp pump
Any suggestions for removing the chimp pump?

chimp pump
Check out this link.

If you do a search on this site you’ll also find a post by Brian Nystrom detailing the same project. It may actually be more useful. I’ve got an HM and have been mulling over doing the same. At the moment I’m leaning toward keeping it. A couple of years ago I fabricated a bulkhead out of minicell. I disconnected the pump and stuck in the bulkhead to reduce the cockpit volume. Right now I’m in the process of routing the pump tubing through the bulkhead so that I can both use the pump and lower the cockpit volume.

The bulkhead is water tight without being glued in so it can be removed if additional storage space is needed.