Nordkapp RM: reviews please

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RM is rotomolded, or some call it PE or polyethelyne. I have bantered the idea of a new Valley that is more distance/expedition worthy than my Avocet, and although I like 'glass, I don't like repairs and as some of you that I have spoken to by email know, I live in the land of man-made stumpy lakes, rebar, underwater hazards, and concrete boat ramps. As such, I continue to come back to poly.

Here is a thread full of great informtion from Peter Orton and many Pnetters (bbrasil, etc), and is a good read.

At that time in summer 2006, though, no one could actually comment about the Valley Nordy RM specifically--seems no one had one yet. It is quite similar in size to the Nordy LV (as opposed to the full size 'Kapp, according to Peter in the linked thread).

So, I know about the great Valley plastic quality, how about the fit and performance of the platstic Nordkapp from anyone that owns one? Likes and dislikes?


For what it’ worth…
I only demo’d one briefly so I can’t comment but here is a pic of the hulls side by side. LV on the left and the PE on the right. (Anas below and Assateague on top)

There are several in use around St. Pete if they chime in.

Thanks, Hawk. Nice picture.

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Only a true kayak fanatic would take a picture of the hulls of upturned boats. Kudos to you.

Wenley, who has a neat blog about kayaking and redheads, had this set of pics and comments:

And these pics of the snout:

That's all I find online. And Wenley was going to take more pics, but never has (hint, hint, Wenley).

I now own and Valley Nordkapp RM
After only three times out with it, I can say already it is the best combination of rocker with lengtgh 17 feet 9 cinhes and narrow beam 21 inches boat that I have ever owned. Nowhere near as little primary stability as the Prijon Barracuda, it feels ideal. Edging required to turn, but responds splendidly, and does not sacrifice speed, as does the fun but closer Valley Avocet.

I will take it on big water this summer, and then write a full review. :slight_smile: