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Is the Nordkapp RM the same boat in plastic as the Nordkapp LV?


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Different as night and day..

RM is close to a Nord H2O.

The Nordlow is a playboat that will dance with you but you had better know the steps.

No - we have an LV
The Nordkapp LV is a wonderful boat for the right paddler. It was my husband’s and, while it is strictly speaking too big for me, it is also so slippery thru the water and easy to roll that I am hanging onto it it thru at least this coming year to see if I can get my skills back up to where I can pad it out and enjoy those features.

But more than any other of the Nordkapp line or most other current sea kayaks, it is supremely indifferent to whether it is upside down or right side up. One of my husband’s capsizes happened when he reached across to get a handful of vegetation off the bow off a fellow paddler’s boat without paying very careful attention to his balance point. They were about a foot apart, a distance over which any of our other boats would have stayed upright. The Nordkapp LV viewed it as a different opportunity.

It does roll like a demon, if you have a strong start you have to brace to avoid window shading.

They are different in dimensions, hull cross section, rocker, & definitely different in behavior. If you don’t have the skills for the LV, it will give you opportunities to practice your roll. But it is a very fun boat.