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I am writing an article on the history of the Nordkapp kayak for the Norwegian website and have a question regarding the H2O model. I have been paddling different Nordkapps since 1979, and currently owns a brand new version, and my brother has a LV, a Jubilee and an old HM.

Is the Nordkapp H20 the same boat as what Valley calls the Nordkapp Standard today?


I believe so…
To my knowledge it was the American designation for “Two Oval Hatches”. The H2O has been dropped and now just called the Nordkapp here.

The current Nordkapp (standard) is the same as the H2O.

Thank you very much, just what I needed:-)


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Look at my post on this therad on that date and time for a link to a hodgepodge history for the Nordy. At lkeast you could check facts with it.

Aand P netter Peter Orton is the designer for Valley, in case you wish to ask him directly. Orton***, I cannot recall the numbers, but if you Search Pnet for Peter Orton, you;ll see his posts and can email him.

G’luck, Amigo.

Thanks Cooldoctor!!!
I knew that everyone wasn’t quite on the money with inputs - so was hoping either Peter or someone like you would chirp in with all the data. I just couldn’t fill in all the blanks so didn’t comment.

On a side note - that Nordy LV will be in my stable within the month along with my new Lendal Kinetic Tour paddle in carbon! I am revisiting the British side of kayaking again as its just too good to ignore! (yikes)


The most complete thread on Nordkapps
Within the thread cooldoctor sites, is, IMHO, the best thread thus far on the 'kapp:

Has anyone ever interviewed Frank Goodman, the designer of the original Norkapp and founder of Valley, about its design and lineage?

From Peter’s Post…
“To clarify this we have taken a step back to basics, anyone ordering a “Nordkapp” gets the most bang up to date model (what would have been known last year as the H2O)”

This sounds like todays current Nordkapp used to be called the H2O, at least in the states.

Just scored a 3 piece Nordkapp Jubilee
Awesome boat. More volume than my old HMC but much easier to manouver even with the intergrated skeg.

I agree, wilsojo, someone needs to interview Frank Goodman. Sea Kayaker Magazine, for example.

Scott you;re getting an LV next month. And asking about the HM C/K in my garage? You;re too much, hombre. Let’s find middle ground and paddle.

Tsunamichuck, wowzer, 3 piecer. The folding guru goes take-apart! I will look forward to our review and your photos, which are always enjoyable. Assume it fits in your new dwelling. WOndering two things: weight (really heavy?), and time to put together and take apart. Since you;re an all day paddler once your out there, even if 30 min to join and secure, seems worthwhile.


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Really heavy, mostly the center section. Took me about 5 minutes to take apart, and probably 10 minutes together. Should be able to get it into the place with just the stern off and that would be a 5 minute deal. Seems about 10 lbs heavier than my HM. I am jonesing for some ocean time but I am helping my son put a new turbo on his MR2 this weekend. A couple of pics

Awesome boat, TSC.
Looks like a winner. That is a great looking ride. And the 10 lbs is a bummer, but once on water, they always say it makes no major difference. The 5-10 min take-apart and put together is a neat feature.

If anyone wants to consider a trade for my 44 lb carbon kevlar Valley Nordkapp with ocean cockpit for a Valley take-apart, I’d consider it… just a yoo who to anyone out there with such a ride.

Went out of Mission Bay today
My son Ben went out with me out along the San Diego coast this afternoon. Kind of flat but was able to catch a few rides on wakes. I find the Jubilee HM much easier to control vs the lower volume HM. Kind of a pain getting the bow and cockpit together. I am going to buy a battery powered drill/driver with an extension. Getting a 12 ft section into my place is a bit tricky.