Norse paddles ?

Does anyone remember norse paddles and what did you think of them? Please respond as this is a poor mans market survey!

Canoe paddles were
very durable, huge blade to grab the water and nice “t grip”. I had one and gave it away many moons ago as it was too short. No complaints

I still have three, used them all
the time until I discovered slalom paddles.

Very strong, stiff, heavy. The blade behaves well in compound strokes.

Note: We used to trim the blades down at the top, and that left part of the shaft vulnerable to bending and breaking. If the top of the blade is trimmed down, the shaft must be wrapped with fiberglass and epoxy where the trimming was done.

have one
after 15 years or so its still going strong.

I am not easy on paddles either.

Norse paddles are beast!
Very stiff, strong, and heavy. Withstand tremendous abuse. I wouldn’t want to swing one all day on a lake crossing, but if your shoulder joints are strong enough, you can beat this paddle on a rocky river all day, and it doesn’t care. Your arms and shoulders might care.

In whitewater, if you can only take one stroke between you and carnage, take it with the Norse. It really grabs the water.


I will agree
with all of the comments so far.