North Alabama April '07?

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Last summer I was scheduled to spend a few days paddling on and around Lake Guntersville but had to postpone due to my wife’s new job. I have sworn not to let our next vacation get thrown off this year.

Tenatively, we (the family and I, mainly just me paddling) will be staying with family in the Guntersville area and using it as a home base from which to make several side and/or day trips.

I’d like to throw out a few destinations and get some of the local’s opinions. These are all going to be either flatwater or gentle whitewater as the kids may in tow for some of the outings:

Coosa River, Montgomery/Wetumpka Area (below the dam): Would like to either hit this strtetch of river on the way up or back from Guntersville. Thinking of using the local outfitter for shuttling (?).

Terrapin Creek, Piedmont Area: Again, using the local outfitter for shuttling on a nice day trip. I’ve traveled this area by car and know it’s really scenic.

Flint River, Huntsville/Madison Area: Don’t know much about this one but have found several references to it in some state guide books, sounds interesting.

Short Creek/Town Creek, Guntersville Area: These are easy to get to from our home base, don’t much about them other than what I can see when traveling through by car. Other suggestions for this general area?

Thanks for any and all input!

I live 9 miles from the lake…

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click each class one link....

also, consider the trips in April sponsored by the Huntsville canoe club...

I recommend both Town Creek and Short Creek, also consider paddling in the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, and perhaps doing the Sipsey River in the Bankhead National Forest

Thanks for the link
Thanks for the link. That April 4th evening paddle on the lake sounds promising. Do you know any details or should I contact the trip leader directly?

Just Call…
The lake paddles will usuallly be in the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge (Close to Huntsville off the TEnnessee River).

Bob Barnett is his name, and he’s as knowledgeable of the available paddling in Northern Alabama as anyone you could ever talk to…

Super, which parts of Town and Short
meet his criteria? The lowest two runs on Town are pretty serious WW. One can have a nice flatwater paddle on the drowned end of Town Creek, and probably in several of the drowned canyon mouths on Guntersville such as Sauty.

Town probably has many miles of easy whitewater upstream, but visitors would be lucky to catch it with enough water.

Start on 227 for both Town and short…

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both begin just after crossing a bridge on 227.

Head towards Guntersville State Park on Hwy 227, just after the bridge on Short creek there is a ranger station....and the Put in (Boat Ramp and Dock).

Further down 227, (AFTER the entrance to G'ville SP) you cross the Town Creek Bridge. Put in at the Ramp and Boat Dock (Store/Bait Shop).

There are both unimproved (Primitive) and Improved (Water and Electric) campsites along the Down Stream side of the Town Creek Bridge...register at the Store...

Google Earth…
Zoom in on Guntersville…

I know right where you mean…
I know exactly where you are describing. We lived in the area until 2000 so I know those roads fairly well. Of course, that was in my pre-paddling days so I wasn’t paying as much attention to the water. Most of my attention was focused on the road and not getting run off 227 by a chicken truck! :wink:

Thanks, I have always wanted to do
the higher sections of Town Creek, but had no info on the best access points.

I’d like to throw out a few destinations and get some of the local’s opinions. These are all going to be either flatwater or gentle whitewater as the kids may in tow for some of the outings:

Brian asked about flatwater…BUT…BOTH Town and Short also have WW stretches further upstream(Higher?)…click the link I gave for Alabama White Water above, then click on runs…click on Town and Short in the Class II/III sections, there are descriptions and even Topo maps to decribe the putins for the upstream WW.

Up the Mountain?
I guess the higher put-ins would be well up Sand Mountain, back toward Albertville, specifically the Asbury and Martling communities. Can they be accessed from Double Bridges?

Tallapoosa River Outfitters
Tallapoosa River Outfitters is not too far from Terrapin Creek. It is in Cleburne County which is the county east of Terrapin, next to Georgia. If the water level is up (which is typical for April) this is a nice float through some scenic farmland and forest. They have a website at

Thanks for the link. I’ve have seen several references to floating this river but have never come across any outfitter info for it though. I’ve had an abundance of good tips…enough for 2 or 3 future trips!