North Alabama April 6-11?

I know it’s a little early but I’m trying to make some preliminary plans for my vacation in April (6th to 11th). I saw where the Huntsville Canoe Club has a Wednesday afternoon lake paddle that week that I’d like to join. Do you have to be an official club member to tag along on those trips? Where do they typically go or do they move around from week to week? Over the last 2 years I’ve paddled Short, Town, South Sauty and Shoal around Guntersville and would welcome other suggestions. Also, I’ve seen the Elk in S TN mentioned a good bit. Do the outfitters up there run on weekdays or just weekends? What’s the river typically like that time of year? Are any stretches better than others?

You can tag along

I think each member can bring one or two friends along officially, but I can’t imagine them running anyone off. I just sent in my check, so you can be my friend if you want. :wink:

The Wednesday evening paddle is usually on Wheeler NWR, specifically Limestone Bay and Beaverdam Creek, here:

I haven’t done the Elk, but a coworker who frequents it says that it’s about the same year round. Controlled releases from the lower part of the dam mean fairly constant levels and much cooler water than most nearby rivers – good for trout fishing. Also good for hot summer days.

I think the coworker put’s in near Elkton, TN, but I got the feeling that most of the river can be run all the way to the Tennessee.

Flint river is also a good trip and there are a few areas that can be run.

If you have room, bring the Manitou.


Mooresville Area
Redmond and I discussed this area before. Isn’t it accessed from the Mooresville exit off of 565? I believe he mentioned a boat ramp somewhere nearby as well.

Arrowhead Landing is here:

As far as I know, that the only real boat ramp on Limestone Bay.

Limestone Creek runs up into Mooresville and there is a put in there as well:

There’s also a put in on Swancott Rd. here:

A few roads run around the refuge and I think there are a couple of spots they put in along the road when the group is pretty small.

I don’t know if they ever do nearby Blackwell Swamp, but it would also be a small group thing.

I’m looking forward to the warmer weather…