North Alabama river cleanup

Has anyone ever thought of getting something like this together. I was thinking maybe one day per month. Everyone could pitch in and it would be a great oppotunity to paddle different places and meet people. I have been doing a lot more paddling and fishing lately and I get so tired of seeing the shoreline covered up with beer cans and trash. It really frustrates me. What do you think?


I have always wanted to do something through my club list of names but never find the time to do it. Gadsden, for years, has sponsored a Coosa River clean-up I think every Spring. Sadly though, it seems I never have had the time in my schedule for that either. If all paddling events would just align with my schedule I would go to them all, but…

Schedule something and I’ll send it out through my contact list.


Flint River Cleanup on June 7th
See the forums at


Town Creek
HCC also does a fall cleanup on town creek that is an overnighter…The park gives them permission to camp in return for the effort…check the trip link later this fall…

Heck yes and Alabama taught me
Actually it was Alabama Power and Renew Our Rivers. They have an incredible and will help out. They have an incredible program on the Warrior River.

I’ve organized over 20 clean-ups on my own since. Just get a bunch of paddlers together and do a couple. You’ll learn as you go. If you make a fun event out of it then it will be more fun and the groupwill grow. The Chamber of Commerce and everyone will want to know about it. Get the media involved and show your community what paddlers are doing productively.

Contact Doug Powell Alabama Power’s (Trash man) Environmental Steward and tell him I sent you. He will generally furnish T-shirts if it is with AP’s jurisdiction.

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Somewhere specific in mind?

Did you have somewhere specific in mind that you would want to be cleaned-up? Just curious.

Renew Our Rivers
I believe the Renew Our Rivers is only for streams in Alabama Power’s service area. The Tenneessee River is TVA’s. You remember them as the “Water Release God’s”. Any time a river is cleaned up it’s good for all.

No specific place…
I thought about this when I was fishing the creek that runs by Ditto Landing (what is that creek?). I go there and fish from the bank during lunch sometimes. The banks of that creek are disgusting.

Out of all the creeks I paddle in Marshall County, I never have a problem spotting trash. Any ideas? Would you be interested?

Let’s clean it up!
Pick a date and let’s discuss it then plan it. I’ll be there.

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Aldridge Creek

it gets that way from trash thrown into it in the Huntsville city limits…when it rains, it washes down stream…