North canadian river question...

I have a kayaking question and didn’t know where to ask… I’m planning a small trip down the north canadian in Oklahoma this weekend but I’m not sure if it has enough water for a kayaking run. Does anyone know the river enough to advise me on skipping this trip or going forward to try it out? Thanks.

Is there a USGS online gauge for the

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North Fork of the Canadian? Normally I would speculate that 400 cfs would be enough to get through on a relatively small river, but I remember scouting the main Canadian River and finding it severely braided and too low. I usually will not try to run a severely braided river, because of channels disappearing into wood strainers or shallows.

Do you know that the North Fork is *NOT* severely braided? Do you know of others who have run the section you are interested in?

What section do you plan to run? Down near Wetumka? Normally it runs only 300-400 in the summer, but right now it is near 1200.

Thanks for the reply,
It’s a very small run from about El Reno to lake Overholser in okc on the canadian. I have a few very new kayakers that I’d like to take on an easy trip saturday. I’m not sure if that section is good at this time of year. Any advice would be welcomed.

cattle ?
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when I broach the subject of OK water, the question of cattle fencing comes up and bank to bank.

Resolving that may require asking the local OKC paddling club ?

It’s running only 93 cfs near El Reno,
so it is probably too low. Suggest you look at alternatives.