North Carolina Lakes

Driving to North Carolina next Wed.from Northern VA because my wife has some work-related events. I am taking my kayak and fishing rods (fly and spin) and plan half-day at Lake Salem (Winston-Salem) and next day at Lake Randleman.

Any tips would be appreciated by this permanent beginner kayaker and fisherman of 6 years duration.

Thanks in advance.


McLean, VA

water is probably slightly warmer …

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..... there now than in N.Va. or here in MD. .

Largemouth Bass would be my target there , they should be hot there now .

Plastics fished slow on bottom at weed edges , 8' plus deep water .

Or if the coves are high water and plenty of tree wood laid down in them , 6" purple plastic worm (Mister Twister 6" Phenom worm - grape color) , Texas style or split shot weight , #2-#5 weedless worm hook . This is a deadly Largemouth presentation . Toss it right into the wood (even weed egdes) , very slowly drag it across bottom , feel everything on bottom (this is the key , "feel everything" on bottom , up and over stuff , let drop down again , repeat) , stop occassionly , begin dragging again . The bite is usually 2 light bumps , lower rod tip to go slack when bumped , open bail and wait for the run , during run close bail and when line begins to tighten - raise rod up high and set hook while cranking remaining slack .

tip ... lighter weight lead Texas bullet or split shot allows for slower drop when going over things on bottom (tree limbs).

The Bluegill will also mess with your worm , but they have repeated jerky bites and if you try to set the hook when the BlueGill is biting , most likely it will stretch the worm and dislodge the weedless hook ... so bring it in and check the hook before continuing (or get snagged up) .

I'd carry a couple top waters for very early morning and late eve. , but the purple twister tail worm would be my religion ... so much so that all I'd pack would be them and (a couple top waters) .

any weedless worm hook (I like these Gamakatsu ...

North Carolina Lakes
Hi pilotwingz,

Thanks for your detailed response. Now hoping for good weather.


"Good weather"
Good luck with that good weather!! It’s been kind of wet around here lately.

Randleman lake
I live about 15 minutes from Randleman lake and try to fish there every chance I get. Here lately I have been to busy to fish. Randleman has some excellent bass fishing and the lake is in two sections divided by hwy 62. Everything north of 62 is strickly paddle power or electric trolling motor boats. Everything south of 62 is gas powered and all the rest too. It is definitely worth the trip for fisherman of all types. It has a brushy bottom so there is plenty of cover and a few snags. My fishing buddy has nick named it snaggleman. But the fishing is awsome. If you don’t have a boat it’s OK they have rentals fairly reasonable. You can also fish from a pier but there is no swimming or getting out on shore other than the boat ramp or the beach. An excellent lake for a nice peaceful fishing trip or just boating around. Just be sure to bring plenty of tackle and something to eat and drink because you will want to stay all day. God bless and good luck with your fishing.