North Carolina QCC 700 owners

I’ve decided to order a QCC, but I’m debating between the 500 or the 700. The QCC rep I talked to thought the 500 would fit me better, but since I currently paddle a P&H Capella I’d be comfortable in the 700 too.

I think the 700 fits my use better (I just don’t think I’ll use the full capacity of the 500). So are there any 700 owners that would let me sit in their boat, so I can get the feel of space?



I looked at your profile and you’re…
a long way from me, but if you feel like driving out to the mountains you’re welcome to try mine.

There is a tremendous difference between a 500 and a 700.

If you are a real big guy, then yes go for the 500, but you will be sacrificing speed and manuverability.

What is your height and weight? Maybe others will chime in here.



Thanks, hopefully I’ll get someone closer to Fayetteville, but I may take you up on it yet.

I’m 6’2", about 230 on my way down to 220/225. The QCC rep seemed most concerned about my shoe size which is a 12.

Are you paddling the 700 for the Lumber River Challenge?


No, we are paddling our C-2
Comp Cruiser (sent in the entry yesterday) but I’ll gladly bring it down so you can try it out. -Just let me know.

We will be heading down on Friday, so conceivably if we got there early enough you could try it.

Yes, I would be hesitant on those size 12’s !

I have a friend down in Florida who had to lower the Sealline foot braces after he got his 700.



My size 12’s fit
Dave, I paddled a Q700 for a while(several times) and do not remember having any problem at all with my size 12 feet. I believe I was wearing a low profile water shoe at the time. Might be a little tight with heavier shoes maybe. Also I’m 5’11" tall with 32" inseam so my feet are not at the same deck height as yours may be.

My size 11 EE’s with cold
weather Chota lace up Muckluk’s, heavy wool socks and a dry suit with Gortex booties was pushing the limits of fit for me in my QCC700X.

The problem was not foot peddle length; only have a 28 in. inseam, but rather height of my foot contacting deck.

Went to Chota Muckluk Lights with all other variables in clothing unchanged - problem was solved.

No problems with warmer weather clothing/footwear and boat fit.

Good luck,


q700 owner
I have had my q700 since 2005.

6’3" 280lb. (someday heading back to 195)

size 12 1/2 (or 13) foot.

34inch inseam. 40 inch waist.

no problems with fit. Still have 5 notches left on the foot pegs so someone with longer legs could still paddle this boat.

Swedge is a big guy and paddles
a 700;maybe he will dime in.He lives near Sumter, SC.

I am 6’5" and weigh about 235 and felt like I rattled around in a 500.Haven’t tried a 700.

Thanks all
I think I’ll take a little more time to consider. After spending the day paddling my Wenonah Voyager and the fit problems with kayaks, I’m thinking of buying a canoe, such as a GRB Classic XL, to satisfy the racing bug and paddle the Capella for kayak touring.


Hi davbar

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I'm 5'10", 225 and wear an 11.5 EEE. My 700 fits great. The 500 is a tank and totally different than the 700. It has no rocker. Not near as much fun in the waves. Considering how wide and big it is, it's still pretty fast. If you don't need to carry your car with you, it might be overkill? You could stand up and fly fish out of the boat. If you ever come south to North Florida. You are welcome to paddle my 700. I tore out the stock seat and put an ONNO seat in the boat. I also moved the seat up 3-4 inches. It's a little tight getting out of the boat.
Great boat! It does everything great except tell me I'm good looking and skinny...maybe it just doesn't want to lie? Great boat with character too! I guess you can have it all!
Good luck