North Carolina, where to rent and go?

Hi all, long time no post, but looking for a little help for places to rent a kayak in NC.

I’m headed to Rocky Mount North Carolina for business next week, so I added on a couple days for some sight seeing. I’ve found some nice websites listing places to go kayaking, but haven’t struck on any sites for renting yaks.

Some where on Albemarle Sound, or the northern part of Pamlico Sound/River areas.

Also, I would like to find a place where I can rent a yak and put in right there. As I’d rather not bother load up on a rental car and I’m on a short time frame.

So if you could recommend shops thats on the water that would be great. Not to particular about what kind of sight seeing I’m getting into, but the Aligator River did look interesting when I checked out info on it.

Oh yea, flat water, not white water paddling.

Try this

not sure about where to rent a kayak. Some parks do and there is a club in greenville with some members maybe willing to lend??

washington, nc
Try this place. The local paddling club also has published a book of paddling routes in the area.

Check this out:

It is about 100 miles from Rocky Mount, but absolutely beautiful. The put-in is at the rental shop, and if you don’t want the ocean there are plenty of back bays and protected salt marshes.

Have fun…

Yes - Swansboro
Swansboro, BIK, & Waterway Inn

It’s a different kind of laid back than your’re use to in OC.

Give 'em a phone call at BIK - don’t expect a reply fron the web site.

I rented from her a couple years ago
Nice place to paddle and decent boats to rent. One of the nicest options that is still close to Rocky Mount.

So far so good
Couple of good looking options so far.

Anything a little farther north, say along the 64. I’m looking to head out to the Outer Banks, Kitty Hawk et al, the following day.

Thanks for the suggestions so far.


Any Others???
Well, I’ve been checking out the Washington shop linked above. Looks good, with plenty of water to paddle. Certainly get a goods days paddle in there. So thanks for that link and the second vote of recommendation.

Any other shops that anyone would like to recomend?

Thanks again everyone.


Inner Banks Outfitters

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Ask for directions to Tranters Creek. It's just off Hwy 264 going into Washington. On Clarks Neck Road.

One of my very favorite flatwater paddling spots. About fifteen minutes from IBXO.



Kayak rental and olace o paddle
See Liane at Inner Banks Outfitters in Washington, NC. Her web site is

Great little tiki bar restaurant right next door, too.

Tell her Eric said “Hi.”

Alright Inner Banks it is
Just got off the phone, looks like I’m good to go for next Saturday. Since everyone seamed to like Inner Banks, and it looks like some nice paddling from there, Inner Banks outfitters it is then.

Thanks for eveyone’s recommendation.


Thanks Everyone
Just a quick reply to say Thanks.

I made it down to Inner Banks Expedition Outfitters. They set me up with a nice CD Storm, which is a good boat for a guy my size. The weather held, and I got a good days paddle in. Paddled the sound for a couple hours, then the creek behind the shop. Really cool.

I also made it out to Kitty Hawk the next day, which was interesting and informative if you like that kind of stuff. I did, spent sevel hours there.

Thanks again for the good recommendation, Don