North Carolina

I’m going to be visiting in North Carolina sometime in the next year and would like to plan my trip around a really cool paddling event or at least have my trip coincide with good surf.

Any ideas?


Long state. Which part? I’d like to get
over to see the new artificial whitewater course in Charlotte. If you’re looking for ocean surf, that’s the Outer Banks. And if you pass through the western end of the state, be sure to go through the Nantahala Gorge. Stop and see the summer madness at Nantahala Outdoor Center. Usually playboats are surfing just downstream from the store.

I’ll travel
for good paddling opportunities. I’ll be flying in and will have to rent a car, kayaks, etc. The friend I’m visiting doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll be joining me for the kayaking, too. :wink:

I’m guessing you’ll be sampling
coastal paddling at the east end of the state?

try barrier island kayak

one of the best outfitters on the east coast

Oh, baby! That looks sweeeet!
I wish I could be there for the symposium but my visit will likely be fall or later. I bookmarked the site though. Thanks.

If I know when you’re going to be in NC then I can give you some input.

Any day on the water is a great day.


I don’t know yet.
I’m thinking kayaking first, visiting second, so I’ll likely plan my trip around kayaking.

Second opinion on Barrier Island Kayak
It doesn’t matter if you can make it for the Symposium. I recommend going their any time you can get there. It’s a great place to paddle.

Also considier other trips around Core Sound and out to Cape Lookout.

in the fall
we have a litttle paddle down the Lumber river. If you like challenging your self come on down and join us. The alligators and pygmy Sasquatches have never bothered us, YET.

Wrightsville Beach
In the Spring there is the Wrightsville Beach sea kayak race which starts in the ICWW, goes out to open ocean through and inlet, (can be rough, parallels the shore for a few miles and returns.

In the fall there is another one in the same general area but stays in the ICWW.

The beaches anywhere along the coast including Wrightsville Beach the outer banks and the southern beaches can have awesome surf or be like a mill pond depending on the wind.

Once you visit our wonderful state, (and learn the language) you will never want to go back to the left coast.



It all sounds good.
I may have to plan 2 trips!