North Country - New Hampshire

I just spent a few days in the gorgeous North Country of New Hampshire - paddling the Connecticut Lakes (First, Second, and Third) and hiking to Fourth Conn. Lake. The area is fantastic. Now to my question(s) - I am looking to paddle the Connecticut River from Stewartstown down to Statford. Is it doable? Is there enough water? Best time of year?

Any insight into the above route would be much appreciated.

Or do you mean North Stratford NH? If so, yes it quite doable. In any case with a few portages the river can be run from the Stewartstown put in all the way to Long Island sound.

Yes - I did mean N. Stratford… thx for the info

Nice day trip
Put in at Stewartstown, actually the Canaan VT side of the Rt 114 bridge. There area few sections of quick water just past the put in, maybe light class I if that. Then slow and easy to the Colebrook bridge, about 13 miles. Beyond that will be a combo of smooth water an easy rapids for about five miles to the covered Columbia Bridge. There’s a split in the river just above the Columbia Bridge, left side offers more of a wilderness feel but watch out for low branches/sweepers. Beyond the bridge is two miles of flat water followed by 9 miles of on and off rapids, nothing heavy, class I-II but keep an eye out for boulders and the like. At about eight miles you’ll pass the remains of the Lyman Falls dam, watch for a four-foot high, eight-foot wide block of concrete near the Vermont shore, pull in and scout beyond it. In high water you may be able to run it on the NH side but there are lots of iron spikes and reinforcing steel just below the surface, which could make a mess of your boat if you’re not careful.

Beyond that it’s three miles to the take out at the Rt.105 bridge in North Stratford, Lots of rocks but easily doable. Nice day trip. Enjoy.

Thanks so much for the info - it appeears very helpful… (Another P-Netter satisfied!!!)