North Face Futurelight

Somebody convince Kokatat to license this tech…

It’ll probably be a decade before this process — if it even lives up to the hype — trickles down to paddlesports, but a sweaty paddler can dream.

Ditto to that! on paper it sounds quite awesome.

if the waterproofness is adequate for constant immersion paddling (like 25-30k+mm water head) the 75,000g water transmission rating is 3x that of Goretex Pro’s 25k.

Although 3x more evaporation would be great, I bet you’d still sweat it out if working hard in a dry suit.

Either way, Im on board. Dear Kokatat, ask north face to license this asap!

Looks like it is definitely something paddlers And basically everyone on the planet can use. Think I’ll be buying stock in VFC. Looking back since the Jan 8th when the article was published it’s still holding at in the low $70’s. Keep an eye on it folks.