North Georgia overnight

I am hoping to do an overnight this coming weekend (June 2-3) and need a place to go. Does anybody offer overnight or two night shuttle service? The only place I have found is Appalachian Outfitters and they only offer day trips. Any suggestions? Thanks.

It is surprising how inflexible
outfitters can be about shuttle. I believe it has to do with insurance arrangements.

You know that north Georgia is in drought. I would not take a canoe or kayak laden with even just overnight camping gear down any of our rivers, even the Chattooga. Even Tropical Storm Beryl is not going to help north Georgia much.

Probably this is reaching you too late for the weekend you contemplated. You could consider lake rather than river travel next time, on Jocassee or Calderwood or possibly Carters, the latter in Georgia.

If you want a river trip with shuttle, next spring consider the Flint in middle Georgia from hwy 18/74 down to hwy 36 where there is an outfitter. That outfitter (I believe J. McDaniel is his name) will take you to the put in early one morning, you can camp where suitable, and take out right at his outfitter facility on hwy 36, where your car will be safe and sound. The Flint has class 1 and low 2 rapids in that section, and is exceptionally pretty in the spring, running between forested mountains. It’s too low and rather hot in summer.