North Shore Atlantic LV

Are Valley and North Shore connected? Demoed an Atlantic LV and the hatch covers all were branded with “Valley Sea Kayaks.”


All set. That answers that.

Ok, more. Perhaps 4 years ago, maybe a bit longer, Valley incorporated North Shore but kept the boats as their own Boutique line. Made now alongside Valleys.

Lot’s of mfg. have used VSK hatch covers/rims.

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Better longevity on the covers?

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I've read lots of complaints here about how quickly the Valley hatch covers break down. Have they fixed whatever problems existed?

Atlantic LV is a nice boat. Liked it more than the Sirona 15-10.

Footnote about the Sirona 15-10: kudos to Valley for creating a boat that fits us pipsqueaks very well. It, too, is a very nice boat - but I wasn't the only one who didn't like the placement of the thigh braces. I wanted to move the seat back.

Sadly no
VSK covers still deteriorate. How quickly seems to vary. I’ve read where some people complained they got only a couple of seasons use, whereas I just replaced 2 of mine after 6 years. I 303 them about once a month & my boats are stored in the garage. Sea-Lect Designs makes replacement covers, but my experience has been the leak slightly. Others have no complaints, so YMMV.


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Valley bought North Shore. There are two folks I paddle with who own the Atlantic. I like the design. Somewhat OT...I have an older North Shore Buccaneer(hard chine)with fiberglass hatch covers, I added a ring of closed cell foam around the inside of the lid which now contacts the rubber gasket. I have no more leak problems, and love the larger hatch openings for kayak camping, and volume which allows 5 gallons of drinking water as well. A well made product with clean lines that handles conditions.

Seems to vary
I have them on an Impex Assateague, 7 years old, no problems. Also on a Necky Chatham 16, 6 years old, no problem. Store in garage, but paddle Necky a lot, like 2300 miles over past 2 years. So they see lots of sun. 303 them about once a month.

Lots of people use Valley’s hatches and have no connection to Valley.

Bill H.

If only they lasted longer. Functionally they work so well that other manufacturers have incorporated them.

Re: valley Hatch Covers
If you like the boat, or any other boat with Valley hatch covers for that matter… you can always replace the original Valley hatch covers with Sea-Lect hatch replacement covers when the time comes… That’s what I did and have been happy ever since…


No problem with the VSK hatch covers,
so long as I loved the boat - and it fit.

But the Yakima foot braces would have to go. Had to crawl head first into the bow of both Sirona and Atlantic to adjust them and nearly sliced my fingers while trying. Ugh.