North Shore Calypso or Calypso II

Hi everybody…
I am not a kayaker(?) but my fiancee is. She lives in the Netherlands and is desperately looking for a North Shore Calypso as she uses one at her club. We have found what appears to be one on a Dutch selling site however there is one major issue.

The boat she has found says it is a Calypso II, but all the information we can find on this kayak says it is a double - the pictures show this one as a single.

So to get to my question… did North Shore make a singe seat Calypso II?

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I don’t know. Have you connected with the owner yet? I would ask the owner for the HIN (hull identification number). Then contact Valley or North Shore with the HIN and ask for an answer. The owner may have just mislabeled it if the photo is a single kayak.

I have a old North Shore Buccaneer that is my favorite kayak. They weren’t real common here in the states until more recently.

Thanks for your reply castoff. Yes we have contacted the owner. He claims he bought it like that. I don’t know - there is just something ‘not right’ - if you you know what I mean.

At first glance I thought he may have converted a double to a single, though that may not even be possible.

We have contacted him again to supply a picture of the cockpit interior. As of yet, no reply from him.

Thanks again :smile:

I had a Calypso single and recall that the Calypso II was a tandem. These were produced before Valley bought North Shore. Hopefully this is just a name confusion. The Calypso was a fine boat. Mine was the only one I knew of in the states.

Get the HIN from him that will have the answer. It is at the stern on the right hand side. Just have him text or email a photo. You might ask for the length too. That should be a telling clue. Then contact North Shore. Valley bought them. Here is their link.
Northshore Sea Kayaks

It would not be too hard to glass over a cockpit if you wanted to.

Sorry for the late replies…
Ok, to bring you up to speed. We visited the seller and had a really good look over the kayak. It IS a genuine North Shore Calypso, we checked the manufacture label in the cockpit. The seller bought it second hand and the Calypso II name was already on it - so we still don’t know why it has that name.

That said she sails perfectly and is exactly what my fiancee was looking for, so it was purchased in no time.

Thanks for everyone’s advice.
Happy and safe paddling,

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Sweet! Now we need some pics! :grin: