North Shore Kayak history assistance

Hoping there are forum members can help explain the genealogy of a 1995, North Shore Freewater Trek HIN# XJBN6981B595

Encouraged by access to excellent paddling instruction (finally!) - a North Shore (Freewater) Trek 16 ft., in excellent condition, was added to my modest fleet.

The HIN, etched at the stern, belongs to Pyranha, Us, Inc… Were they the US importers, or distributors? I thought that it was Valley who purchased North Shore boats (and built many of them before buying their company - which was based in Sweden). And I read that the Freewater Trek became an Avocet. And yet another source suggests the Trek became an Atlantic LV.

There are many Valley (VCP) build characteristics (seat, rear hatch, excellent glasswork, and especially their characteristic glassed-in registration certificate - and it weighs less than 50 lbs - Diolene perhaps?).

A history, boat-genealogy lesson would be much appreciated.

Mark L.

Not much help here, but I had a (rare in the USA) Northshore Calypso which supposedly became the Atlantic (not the LV). I would also be interested in the history. My Calypso was relatively heavy for my aging frame.