North Water Under deck bag

I've read a few older postings on this bag. I'm considering one and wondered if Weldwood contact cement (red label, gel) will work to cement the mounting pads to the underside of the cockpit in a Fiberglass/Kevlar boat.

I know North Water recommends Vynabond. I'm having a problem finding this cement locally and no one will ship it air. Only ground shipping due to the hazardous material content.

I wanted to install this bag for the upcoming weekend. Anyone know if the weldwood will work, or someplace local that carries Vynabond? I'm in Central MA.


Contact cement…

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I used it the first and the bag fell off the first time in the sun. On composit 3m 5200 works and so does epoxy. Lightly sand both the boat and the pads.

I’m surprised you can’t find it …
- Vinylbond - check a dealer that caries whitewater boats. Our local small shop in Albany carries it.


E6000 Craft Adhesive -WalMart, etc.
Vynabond is spec’d because it welds PVC (vinyl) pads to vinylester resin. Beats gluing.

I was in a similar situation and used E6000. Two pads are on hull, two on a foam liner sheet - both are rock solid for 3 years now.

But if you really want Vynabond or equivalent - just get some vinyl glue from a fabric/craft store - or PVC repair stuff for rafts, pools toys etc. PVC pipe cement in the plumbing section should work too (gooey vs. runny type so it’s easier to apply and keep where you want it - small can - built in brush. Usually Oatey brand).

Measure placement several times to be sure. Spacing determines how the bag hangs. You don’t want it too tight to easily clip in & out - but not flopping around either. A little space above (usually there due to deck curve) make a nice place for pump, etc.

Thanks greyak (and the others)
I will pick up some E6000.

I must admit, I got the idea for the bag from your post a few years back. Was looking for some way to store small items I wanted access to without getting out of the boat. I have a QCC400. Just a tad wider than your 700 I suspect.

Is there a reason why your put the two aft pads on top of the foam below the deck? I was thinking I would remove the foam below the pads.

I also plan on putting a pump over the bag. Any tips on keeping it from moving around? I saw the pics of yours and see the base of the pump is supported by a minicell footbrace. I plan on configuring a block of foam here to hold that end of the pump. Do you have any support for the upper end of the pump? Or does it just rest on the bag?

Thanks for the tips.

OK - with a QCC you know exactly the foam I mean. Probably best to cut it out under the pads as you planned, if you can remove any glue residue and get a decent bond to the deck.