Northeast Outfitters Sporter Canoe?

Has anyone heard of this company or the Sporter Canoe they make? I live in NC and am going to purchase a canoe for the first time. This one is on sale for $399 but I can’t find anything about it on the Internet or anywhere for that matter. I was going to buy the Dare Devil by Pelican but this one is a bit cheaper. Any ideas? Thanks

Northeast Outfitters
I found out that it is a Dicks Sporting Goods exclusive brand, but is it a good one? Can anyone help with a little info?

I own one
I purchased mine from their a couple months ago and I have been rather pleased. I wanted a boat that would allow me to take my 2yr old on slow rivers with me, and it has worked out nicely. It is very strable and handles turns and tracks well. It also always my 2 yr old to move around the boat while we are paddling. My camplaints are rather small. I don’t like the weight approx 89pounds, and the middle seat does not stay in place while the boat is driving down the road upside down on the roof rack.

Jason S.

Northeast Outfitters
Thank you for responding to my question. I would like to know if anyone else has had any dealings with these canoes. I have purchased one but have not put it in the water yet. Thanks in advance for any responses.

I have one too
Northeast Outfitters is Dicks brand, but they do not actually make the canoes. The sporter is manufactured by Johnson watercraft, Dicks just puts their name on it.

As far as the canoe, it is great for the price.

You are not going to want to take it through rough rapids or anything, but it does very well on lakes, rivers and streams that are not too rough. It is perfect for the average user. It is heavy at 90 pounds but as long as you get it to the water you will be fine.

I personally love how wide it is, my 3 year old can stand up in it without much worry of us tipping. The center console is AWESOME. Waterproof container! Insulated cooler seat! Cup holders! I love it.

I have not had the problem as the user above stated with the center seat moving durring transport. My center seat/console is acutally rivited to the side of the canoe.

For the price this canoe can not be beat for general use

North East Outfitter Canoe
I have the North East Outfitter Canoe as well. I enjoy mine, it’s great for fishing. The weight is a bit much, close to a hundred pounds. Definitely difficult for one person to try and load on to the roof of vehicle. I do experience an issue with the lid of the center seat/dry well opening during transport. The canoe was longer and wider than my SUV when I bought and the same now holds true for my car.

northeast outfitters square back canoe
I have a northeast outfitters square back canoe that I bought from someone and I didn’t get a title with it but I was wondering if they came with one when they were purchased brand new from dicks sporting goods?