Northen California trip

Hey everyone,
My wife and I are going on a trip to Northen California and we are looking to do 2-3 days of Kayaking (multi day trip). We have some experience kayaking and we’re pretty adventurous in nature our looking for a multi day trip of water level of class I up to class II.
I was looking at Russian river but couldn’t exactly figure out were would be to entry point, exit point and camping grounds.
Would love to hear other options as well. What we mostly want is nice scenery and as secluded as possible and wild. You know so we feel.lime we’re discovering uncharted territory :).
Last as we are not fron the area we would also love for recommendations as to wear to rent Kayaking gear. We do have camping gear with us.
Thank you all.

Sacramento River upriver of Chico would meet your requirements.

There is a race that happens every year or so from Redding to Chico, and it lists shorter options. This might be a good match to what you are after (you can choose your length).

Here is a guy who did some floating and camping: Did a quick read, but looks like he didn’t camp in official campgrounds.

Thanks I will look into that option.