Northern Florida

A few pics of yesterday and today.

Salt springs/Run I saw a lot of wildlife near the springs, deer, turtles, various birds and a large group of manatees paid me no mind.

Today on the Ocklawaha. The sunshine state was liquid today.


Born in Tallahassee , spent the first couple of years at St. Marks NWR in Panacea.
Visited a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the area. I remember the Real Florida from visiting both sets of grandparents. All lived in the woods and lived by farming and raising cattle.


Looks like a great trip. Beautiful pics!

If we can help with your future Florida paddles look us up.

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Jax, the arctic north of FL.
Todays paddle (just off the water), 35°, 10+ NW breeze
I know, that’s ‘swimming weather’ to some of you up north, but for us - brrr.

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Thanks, your website gets better each time I visit it and the paddling locales keep expanding. Keep up the good work!

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Raisins a little boy had been swimming in salt springs. He was shivering when he got out. He looked at his dad and said “l want to go back to Florida it’s cold here!”. His dad responded, " You’re still in Florida". Son says, “but I want the warm one!”.


Kids Say the Darndest Things (Art Linkletter)

Silver glen springs to lake george

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Juniper run


I have to say Juniper Run is one of my faves in the area.

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Except the spring water is 72 degrees all year.

No pics today but enjoyed seeing a river otter below Alexander springs, the sun even came out for a little bit which had the gators out sunbathing or is it basking?

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You mean this one? :sunglasses:

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yep that’s the website, very organized, a good place to start, i also have a couple of guidebooks that I utilize