Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Working on the details to do the full NFCT next summer. Would like to find people in the area to possibly make the trip alittle easier by having some company along the way for a day or so here and there. Also any information from people in the area or that have paddled it as to the best time to go would be great as well.

What are your plans and time lines? I’m looking at paddling the same trip.

The best time to go is when the water is not to high and not to low. “Usually” this happens in May through June but it can vary a lot from year to year. You need to be able to deal with the conditions that happen when you are on the trail. Many of the rivers go up and down in a hurry when it rains.

I would go to the NFCT site and read the paddler blogs, keep up with the trail updates and buy the guide book. There are pictures of the trail on Google Earth that you can look at to see some of what the trail actually looks like. The folks at the NFCT are very helpful with questions and may be able to give you local contacts. The Facebook page is usually active.

Thank you for the information mister.

I am looking at going some time in the summer not quite sure yet. Where would you be traveling from and when are you looking at going? Want to do the whole thing or just part of it?

Water levels have risen from August on
I think if we(up here in mid-to-north central Maine) get a decent amount of the white stuff this winter…combined with the more normal amount of rain we’ve gotten from late August till present, next Spring’s levels for brooks and rivers should be more normal = good anytime.


I hope so.
I would really like to paddle the loop from Umbazooksus up to Allagash Lake and then back down Chamberlain next spring or summer. It was out of the questions this year.

Allagash Loop
I tried that this year, but got turned back on by the wind on Caucomgomuc Lake and 2’ white caps.

Going to give it another try next year. Make sure you check out the side trip to Poland Pond.

Also the is a shuttle service from Round pd up to the gate at Allagash Lake. I can’t find the link right now but will continue to look.

Allagash lake loop
I’m going to start and finish at Longley Bridge. The Mud Pond Carry will be a fitting end to the trip!! My other option is to start and finish at Chamberlain Bridge so I only have to do the carry once.

I started there
And did it as a solo, but fought the wind most of the way up Caucomgomuc.

Here’s a map of Poland Pd

Here’s the pics of my trip.

The vids don’t play on the slideshow option

Shuttle link

I am open so far for next year. I have been thinking about crossing New York on the Erie Canal, up (or down) the Hudson, and east on the NFCT. I hope to pick up some maps at Canoecopia this coming March.

I am also interested in doing that loop, as is another friend of mine who has joined me on several of my NFCT trips. My plan was to start at Chamberlain, do the loop counterclockwise, ending with the Mud Pond carry.

If you’re interested in company and if my schedule jives with you, I’m willing to join up. If not, I understand that as well.


Allagash Lake Loop
I considered starting at Chamberlain but the thought of paddling the length of the lake into a head wind is intimidating. Last spring I paddled up to Lock Dam in dead calm waters so I figure I’ll get slammed on the next trip, the paddling gods are not always kind and are not likely to give me a free pass twice…

My wife is interested in the trip as are the kids but if It doesn’t work out I’ll get in touch with you.