Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Looking for fit and capable kayaking buddy/buddies for a possible 1/2 of the NFCT - probably the section from the ADK to the Maine border. Portaging involved.

Looking to leave the second week of August and return the beginning of September.

I’m also open to other destinations - I have a month of vacation time. I have a short, flatwater boat (NOT a sea kayaker - at least yet!).

Willing to consider any awesome place! Comfortable with Class I and II+ rapids…

Could be a difficult time of year
With the exception of the Nulhegan (which likely will have no water in it and be impassable)and the Connecticut - and, of course, Lake Champlain - nearly everything between New York and Maine is going to be upstream work. With a lot of fast water. Fast, shallow water with no good bite for your paddle. You could have a tough time of it. If you’re looking to do a trip like this in late summer, I would recommend a segment with a lot of lake and flatwater. Like, Old Forge to Plattsburgh (although low water will definitely be an issue on the Saranac). Or Moosehead Lake to as far as you want to go, even to the end at Fort Kent. Anything in between could be pretty miserable with a lot of heat & humidity and no water.


Chuck is correct
Water levels in late august will most likely be prohibative.

You can either spend all your time in the ADKs or you could Start on the NFCT in Jackman ME. From Jackman to Fort Kent there should be enough water to do all the trail. If you want to miss the 3 mile Demo road Portage start in Rockwood on Moosehead.

Shuttles in Maine could be an issue, they will be available in the ADKs but may be expensive.

One more thing
I’m not sure how short or wide your kayak is, but the Allagash Waterway in Maine has restrictions as to length-to-wodth ratios that you should check out. If your kayak is too short, you either need another boat or you need to think of another destination. One of the through paddlers a few years ago nearly had her trip stopped short because of this issue.


here they are

And I don’t understand why. A 24 foot kayak six feet wide is not traditional either.