Northern Lights kayak?

I saw this kayak listed on facebook marketplace, and it seems like a good deal, but I can’t find anything on this brand - a forum search turned up a similar post from 2014 with similar issues with not having much info about this brand. Thought I would try again. It is very close to me so I will probably go look at it, but just curious if anyone has any intel.

Also - they say “never used” but I am assuming that likely means this owner never used it, rather than it has never been used at all. What should I be looking for in terms of wear and tear, design issues, etc. I currently have a new Eddyline Rio, and am not as familiar with what I need to be looking out for in a used boat, particularly a sea kayak.

The seller may be unfamiliar with kayaks, indicating that it has a bow rudder. The company may no longer exist, but there is this trace in Collingwood Ontario:

SusanDB - It is a nice looking kayak. It lacks thigh braces and perimeter lines so you could say it falls a little short of the standard for modern touring kayaks. A few comments on things to look for:

  • Check the rudder to make sure it deploys and retracts and that the foot pedals function to steer it. The rudder looks like a common Feathercraft rudder so parts might be available if ever needed.
  • The bulkheads appear to be foam. The sealant around those could be leaking due to age but it can be redone.
  • On the hull, look for major “spider cracks” that might indicate it’s been dropped. Worst case, it could leak there but it’s repairable if needed.

Thanks Wolf - good advice!