Northern Lights Kayak

Has anyone ever heard of this brand of kayak? There’s one for sale in my area but can’t seem to find any info on them. I’m thinking it was made in Canada but company is no longer in business. It’s 16 feet long. Thanks!

Is it one of these?

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If so, I would buy it depending on the price. They look quality boats and the stowing feature is cool. It looks like they come in one, three, and five pieces. You should post the local ad that you looked at so that we can get more info.

Not one of those
No, it’s not one of those, I’ll see if I can post it.


Northern Lights Kayak

That looks like a good buy
If that is a Swift paddle they are over $250 new. If the cracks mentioned expose the fiberglass they would have to be repaired even that is not major. I’d offer them $500 and deal from there.

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Boreal Alvik?
That seat, seam tape and the whole shape looks like a rebranded Boreal Designs Alvik.

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Yes, I have one, so it’s probably a great deal all around

You are right, it looks a lot like those, check out the Boreal Narval it looks just like it (from the only pics he posted anyway)

Why do they rebrand boats?


It is a real good deal
Buy it if it has not already sold. Just resell if it does not fit you

Ah, much less exciting
Unfortunate. That’s a fairly ourdated sea kayak design. Not terribly so - definitely “worth” $500.

But how much would you pay to avoid having to use that ugly thing?

What in the world does “outdated” kayak design mean?? That is ridiculous.

This is an excellent bargain. Buy it. Use it. Love it.

Not saying it’s a bad kayak
It just has features of a typical 90s sea kayak, I.e. Super long, low rocker, peaked decks, rudders, hard hatches, no day hatch, etc

I just bought ($500), for a friend, a Northern Lights Nantucket (17’) w/rudder, sail and paddle in perfect garage kept condition, but I cannot find out anything on this kayak company, except that it is from Canada.

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