Northern Michigan Guinness World Record

Anyone going to Suttons Bay for the Guinness World Record attempt for the largest flotilla?

Thought about it,
as a meetup I belong to is trying to get members to participate.

Three problems I see: #1, I’d have to drive through Traverse City to get to Suttons Bay. I was in TC recently and traffic was complete gridlock on Monday mid-morning. #2, that’s Labor Day weekend, so it could be even worse presuming it’s not raining and in the 50s. #3, if it’s a beautiful day, I’d rather be paddling than in kayak gridlock.

I do hope they get 3,151 paddlers and break the record, but I don’t think my boat will be in the mix.

for the info rookie. I will not be going. Don’t have that much patience.


The other thing that bothered me

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Was the $25 they charge each paddler to help them set the record.

imagine the traffic
in the water right after they finish the count, and everyone wants to go home; probably like my morning commute. I’m with you.